10+ Best Legal Cover Letter Sample & Template

A good cover letter or Legal Cover Letter is an invite to the reader—the hiring manager or maybe the senior associate of the regulation firm—to move on and examine your resume. it’s your opportunity to persuade her that she surely must satisfy you and examine extra about you. however, too much creativity can be a drawback.

You will need to exude professionalism and mood your enthusiasm just a bit, and you will need to observe a tried-and-genuine format.

What to Include in Your Legal Cover Letter?

Include your full name and be sure to apply the one under that you’ve been admitted to the bar if you’re a lawyer. provide your street deal with, now not a p.o. container, such as your town, state, and zip code. consist of your smartphone quantity with a notation as to whether or not it is a mobile cellphone or a landline. provide your electronic mail deal with—many employers choose to reach out to exciting applicants with the aid of email first.

Enter the date below this data, then the call and cope with of the law firm. beneath that, input an \”Attn: \” line with the name of the man or woman inside the corporation who could be analyzing your legal cover letter. as an alternative, you can call the person on the first line and cite her position at once underneath this, above the corporation call. each codec is proper.

Of route, you’ll start out with \”pricey [insert call of the hiring supervisor or partner]: \” now it is time to get down to business.

Opening Paragraph

The placement for that you’re making use of on your establishing paragraph and explain how you learned of the task establishing. that is additionally an excellent location to say the call of anyone who referred you, a mutual acquaintance, or perhaps a tidbit of information you have about the organization—perhaps a chief case they gained or legal argument they made. this demonstrates which you took time to do a little study.

Try to craft your establishing in a compelling way as a way to encourage the reader to examine on. it’s ok to toot your very own horn a touch. as an example, you might say: “as an award-prevailing paralegal with 20 years of private harm experience, I’m writing in response to the location of litigation paralegal marketed in the predominant road prison magazine.”

Explain Your Abilities

use the next paragraph to element your schooling and you enjoy. preserve in thoughts that this is all stated to your resume as nicely so that you’re no longer going to enter each finer detail here.

your letter has to offer a quick summary of what the reader will research if he seems at your resume next: what regulation school you graduated from, wherein you are admitted to the bar, in which you have worked, and what you did for the one’s law firms. try to confine all this to no extra than 4 sentences if possible.

Next, match your competencies to the requirements of the position and highlight any applicable awards you’ve got obtained, as well as other accomplishments. support your statements with proof every time viable. do not simply assert that you’re a professional author. lower back it up with some kind of proof. point out that you gained two prison writing competitions and have posted over a hundred articles.

Don’t simply say that you contributed to your preceding company’s bottom line. observe that you implemented new software that stored the prison department over 1,000,000 dollars.

Make Sure Your Reader Reads On

use your last paragraph to thank the corporation for thinking about your application and inform your reader why you will make an awesome addition to his crew. explain how your heritage, skills, experience, and past achievements make you the proper candidate for the job.

then request an assembly or an interview. imply how and whilst you will follow up for your legal cover letter and make sure to say the first-class way to attain you. this would be an amazing place to direct the reader in your p.o. box in case your bodily address isn’t always your mailing cope with, but you need to receive notification of a capacity interview by way of snail mail.

The Finishing

log out with \” respectfully yours\” or something equally formal, place your signature above your call, then add the all-crucial \” enclosure(s)\” line. list and convey attention to the whole lot you are which includes with the letter, so as.

Proofread Then Proofread Again

All this attempt is for naught if your reader does not move directly to look at your resume and any other files you’ve blanketed. minor, avoidable mistakes can motive him to put your letter—and your resume—aside after one glance.

you’re searching out a process within the legal profession, and this indicates you ought to possess a desirable interest in element and a few advanced writing competencies. take a look at for typos—they may leap out at you greater with ease in case you go back to it cold, possibly tomorrow, now not right after you wrote it. look for grammatical errors and the right punctuation. now you’re ready to ship it off.

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Legal Cover Letter Sample

Below is an instance of a legal cover letter sample role. you can additionally download our free template.


Jennifer J. Brownlee
1034 Snyder Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28202
email: j.Brownlee@email.com

May 25, 2021

The Law Firm of ANC Law
1126 Francis Mine
Sacramento, CA 95814
ATTN: Ms. Eleanor Pena

Dear Ms. Pena:

It is with lots of enthusiasm that I’m submitting to you my application for the position of junior companion attorney that has recently opened at ANC, law, and quality. I am currently serving as a regulation clerk for henry mason, chief decide of the USA district courtroom for the northern district of Ohio. when he heard thru the grapevine that this function at your immigration law corporation could be established, decide mason alerted me to the possibility and has presented to function a professional reference on my behalf.

Throughout my current did studies at Cleveland Marshall College of regulation, I found an ardor for immigration law, focusing my application of studies on this place; I could be graduating with a 3.89 GPA subsequent week, and am scheduled to take the Ohio kingdom bar examination in April. prior to my legal studies, I used to be a paralegal for the industrial litigation corporation of hatchet, garner, and win lawyers for six years, in which I managed a caseload of ~70 instances, earned my certification form ACEDS as a licensed e-discovery specialist, and skilled the firm’s lawyers inside the use of the Symantec e-discovery platform.

I will as a consequence carry to you “real global” revel in legal studies and drafting, e-discovery, customer interviewing and trial training, and case management. my transition from commercial litigation paintings to my intention of turning into an immigration regulation attorney will also be supported by means of my superior fluency in written and spoken Spanish; throughout my time as choosing mason’s regulation clerk, my obligations have included serving as a court translator whilst wished.

Thank you for your attention of this application; I would be thankful for the risk to meet with you to discuss my qualifications for this position in extra detail.


Respectfully yours,

Jennifer J. Brownlee


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