50+ Amazing Personal Reference Letter Template & Example

A personal reference letter, sometimes called a personal recommendation or an individual reference/recommendation letter, is a letter typically used to bolster an individual s application for employment, admission to a educational institution or business, housing or any other position which screens future applicants.

It is typically written in support of an offer of employment which is very often accompanied by an application cover letter and curriculum vita. The purpose of such a letter is to endorse the applicant as an outstanding individual in light of their specific experience and qualifications which are relevant to the position for which they are applying. The letters can be quite persuasive and successful in obtaining positive responses from those responsible for hiring decisions.

Personal Reference Letter

Personal Reference Letter Template

There are many different forms and formats of personal reference letter template however most candidates and interviewers prefer that they be in form of a letter which highlights the applicant’s suitability for the position for which they are applying.

Candidates who have strong academic potential, are highly qualified in relevant skills which match those required of the position for which they are applying, exhibit clear understanding and speaking clearly and fluently of this job and its requirements.

How To Write A Professional Personal Reference Letter

Those who are applying for managerial or supervisory positions are more likely to be successful with regards to an offer of employment if they possess the following key attributes. These include:

  • An impressive personal reference letter which highlights the applicant’s suitability for the role for which they are applying.
  • Demonstrating the ability to achieve the objectives for which the employer seeks candidates.
  • Making pertinent references to the employer.

Candidates seeking supervisory or managerial positions should always strive to make references which accurately reflect on the prospective candidate and highlight the person’s qualities and skills which are relevant to the position for which they are applying. This is especially true of references which are provided by former employers, colleagues or former students.

  • The position for which the letter is being requested demonstrates the applicant’s interest and commitment to the task for which they are applying.

When writing a personal reference letter for a manager or supervisor, there are a number of things which candidates can do in order to ensure that the letter written is as effective as possible.

One of the most important aspects of a good letter is that it should demonstrate the applicant’s interest in the position for which they are applying, their ability to achieve the objectives for which they are applying and their commitment and desire to stick to the job application process until the end.

A good candidate will strive to demonstrate their personal qualities which are relevant to the role they are applying for. By undertaking additional activities such as participating in an interview or undertaking a course, a candidate can demonstrate to any employer their readiness to fulfill the role for which they are applying.

It is also a good idea for candidates writing letters to present their recommendations for the position in which they are applying as those references will provide an insight into the applicant’s application process and their suitability for the position.

Personal Reference Letter Example

Most important aspects of a personal reference letter

  • The information is presented

It is important that the letter is written in a way which highlights the applicant’s key skills, abilities and achievements. It is equally important to make sure that the references are presented in such a way which demonstrates the applicant’s commitment to the role for which they are applying. It is not enough for the references to merely state that the applicant is ‘well researched and knowledgeable’ if the reader is not able to follow that through with that specific reference.

Furthermore, it is important that the references are written in such a way as to make sure that the references do not single out any particular applicant or organisation in order to promote that particular business or organisation.

  • The personal reference letter may also contain information that the employer may find relevant.

For example, if the applicant has previously worked for a company which he or she may feel represents a positive image for them, then the reference may include any positive associations the applicant has with that company. Similarly, if the applicant has worked for a firm which the employer may regard as having a negative reputation, then this too may be included in the personal reference letter example.

However, it may be helpful if the reference provided to the Human Resources Department did not contain any information that would be considered personally damaging to the applicant. In these cases, the HR department may ask applicants to provide a separate and more balanced answer to the position.

  • The personal reference letter should never contain any statements that the applicant considers to be false praise.

It is equally important that the reference letter does not contain a reference that criticize or portrays the applicant in a negative light. While it is important that the reference letter includes praise for the applicant, the employee should always be encouraged to comment about qualities other than those related to job experience. A good reference letter will always take into consideration other achievements, but will always encourage the potential candidate to speak positively about other abilities.

  • The personal reference letter should never contain an incorrect spelling or grammar, and should always be constructed in a clear and concise style.

It is not uncommon for incorrect spellings or grammar to negatively affect the reader, and so it is vital to ensure that the letter is error free. It may also be necessary for the letter to include supplementary information such as a list of references or a section highlighting the applicant’s ability to follow instructions.

Personal Reference Letter Sample

In some cases, the applicant may have additional personal reference letter sample that are required in order to complete the application correctly. The applicant should ensure that all documentation is included with the application, and that they are all consistent with the other documentation.