60+ Best Teacher Evaluation Form Template

A teacher evaluation form is a simple document used to assess the effectiveness of an individual teacher based on a number of criteria. For many school personnel, including counselors and teachers, this simple free Teacher Evaluation Form template assists in maintaining effective educational environment within the school district and help to improve teacher performance.

By using this form at the end of the school year, school administrators are able to report teacher progress and achievements to the school board for approval. The goal is to provide constructive feedback that highlights each individual teacher’s teaching ability and professional growth.

Teacher Evaluation Form

The goal of this document is to provide the school districts with useful feedback that enables them to monitor the activities of their teachers. In essence, this helps the school districts to provide effective feedback that highlights each teacher’s teaching ability and professional growth. The document may also be used as an evaluation tool.

However, it is not uncommon for some school districts to use the document as the basis for selecting the teacher for an important teaching position. Because of this potential for abuse, it is necessary for the teacher evaluation form to meet certain requirements to protect both the school districts and the individuals being evaluated.

Teacher Evaluation Form Template

Criteria for evaluation are fairly standard and do not vary too much from state to state. The states generally allow the evaluators to collect personal information, and any written documentation such as student work samples, test scores, and course notes and summaries, in order to compile an evaluation. In addition to information on the individual, the teacher evaluation form template should also contain information about the classroom and school climate, any student support groups active within the school, staff assessments, and teacher leadership qualities.

One of the requirements that most states require in order to compile the criteria for a teacher evaluation form, is that the evaluator has the individual’s consent to receive and compile the feedback. Most states also require that the evaluator inform the principal of his/her intent to evaluate the individual.

A few states, however, do not require consent, but rather require that the teacher make contact with the principal and/or the principal’s administrative assistant before compiling the criteria for the individual’s feedback. The lack of prior notification typically makes this requirement slightly more difficult to meet; however, in many instances, it is a necessary prerequisite to receiving the feedback.

In order for the teacher evaluation form to serve its purpose, it is critical for the principal and/or the administrative assistant to be notified of the criteria. These individuals must have notice of the various aspects of the individual’s performance and of the reasons for selecting the individual to evaluate.

The information provided on the forms–such as demonstrated skills with different aspects of the subject area, teaching experience, and success rate with the students in different grades–should be supported by specific examples of the individual’s performance on similar lessons.

This is often done through charts that show the different grades obtained by different teachers with similar students over a period of time. Other formats, such as graphs, are sometimes used in order to provide a more detailed overview.

Other aspects of the teacher evaluation form need to include any recommendations made by the administrators. The form needs to clearly state the types of suggestions made by the administrators. It also needs to outline any recommendations made by the principal to the teachers.

The report should indicate how these recommendations were implemented and how successful the implementation was. In addition, the forms needs to clearly indicate any recommendations made by the school board to the principals and also any recommendations made by the school district to the schools.

Each of these sections of the teacher evaluation form helps to ensure that the individual receives constructive criticism. Each of these sections is important to the successful completion of any school districts’ assessments. In some instances, districts may send staff members to help the teachers with the feedback. This is especially true when there are problems that cannot be fixed internally. In these cases, the teacher evaluation form needs to make sure that all appropriate suggestions are included.

While every teacher is different, there are many things that can be shared about how to improve teaching. Each state has different laws regarding teacher evaluations.

The requirements for these vary from state to state and are constantly being revised. Because of this, teachers need to know everything they can about the requirements for the required documents in order to complete their evaluations properly.