50 Best Thank You Email After Interview Example & Template

How to write thank you email after interview? Answering questions in depth is a skill an interviewee should learn. Interviewers want to make sure they are fully knowledgeable about the organization, but they don’t want to sound rehearsed and the safest route for doing so is to give a canned thank you email after Interview.

The interviewer is looking for a sincere thank you. If you are not careful with your thank you email, you will come across as fake and not be taken seriously. Here are some points to prevent when writing your thank you email:

Thank You Email After Interview

You have heard that before, right? The many thank you email after Interview will be anticipated like an indication associated with politeness.

Thank You Email After Interview Example

How To Write Thank You Email After Interview

However, there are rules and guidelines the hiring manager will enforce. Asking questions about why the position was offered to you is polite, but it is not necessarily necessary to mention the name of the hiring manager when writing the thank you. Here are some point important to write thank you email after interview:

1. Follow the Basic Rules

No matter what the format, it is always polite to thank the interviewer for his or her time and assistance. Use your best professional writing voice. Begin your thank you by clearly stating your name, title, position, and thank you message.

2. Make Your Interviewer’s Day

After the interview, send an thank you email after Interview to the hiring manager thanking them for the opportunity. Include a thank you subject line and your name.

3. Read Your Interviewer’s Body

You may also have a chance to see your interviewer’s body. If so, have a look at how he or she signs off. Most companies require the interviewer to sign off as they conclude the interview.

4. Follow the Procedure

One of the biggest mistakes that most job seekers make after an interview is not following the procedure. These procedures are designed to make the interviewing process easy for both parties. There is no need to send a thank you email after Interview unless you do not receive an invitation to attend the next interview. Do not sign the thank-you letter until you have received an invitation to attend. It is also customary to send thank-you notes within a week of receiving an invitation to attend.

5. Highlight Appointments

Your email addresses should be enclosed with your name and contact information. This is very important, because an envelop full of email addresses of hiring professionals can be very intimidating for interviewers. Most job applicants who receive this many thank-you emails are not offered the job. Therefore, an appropriate subject line is essential!

6. Follow up

Many hiring professionals encourage applicants to respond to their emails as soon as they are received. However, if you are not invited to attend an interview and you were not granted an interview, it is appropriate to send an thank you email after Interview after the interview. Some interviewers may request additional information from job applicants. For example, an interviewer may request additional biographical information or background information. If you were not interviewed and you have an interview scheduled, send your thank-you email immediately so the interviewer will know you are busy and you can accommodate his needs.

7. Personalize Your Post-Interview Thank You Email

The perfect thank you email after a job interview comes in the form of personalized messages. For example, if the hiring company gave you a generic template to use in your thank you letter, supply your own template with a personalized message for the interviewer. Personalizing your thank you email after Interview shows that you put extra thought into your thank you letter. It also shows your professionalism.

8. Follow the Rules

An interview or job interview is only a few minutes long. Make sure the subject line includes your name, contact information, and thank you message. If the hiring company’s response code is alpha, indicating that an interview is closed, send your thank you email after the appropriate time has elapsed.

9. Be Prepared

One mistake many thank you email after Interview make is that they are sent too soon after an interview. Most hiring managers want to receive thank you notes as soon as possible because this indicates a great deal about you.

Thank You Email After Interview Template

Sample Thank You Email After Interview

As such, when sending your thank you email after interview, be sure you address it to the individual involved in the interview. To look professional, address your letter by its full name, not just your last name. As mentioned earlier, thank the interviewer for his/her time and consideration. Following these tips will help you make a lasting impression on your thank you letter, thus helping you land that dream job!