32+ Best Timeline Template (Power Point, Excel, Word)

Create your own custom timeline template with ease using Microsoft Excel. Create your own personalized timeline or browse available templates. Visualize how you would like your infographic to appear and then click on a shape, then hit Insert.

With PowerPoint, you can highlight a region of the template that you would like to draw, right-click and choose Show/Recover. Choose a destination for your graphic, then type a destination and size in. Draw a line from your starting point to your target, then another line connecting the two points if needed. Excel comes with many templates for various purposes.

Timeline Template



These pre-designed excel worksheets provide you with all the options to present your project timeline template in the best way possible. You can show details about the past week, month, day or even an entire year. You can even enter dimensions (height, width and distance) and choose from a selection of colors. Preview a square layout and then choose Show Details to reveal full details.

Benefit Of Using Timeline Template

There are many benefits associated with working with vertical timeline template in Excel. You can create charts of almost any shape, including bar charts, pie charts, line charts, scatter plots and point charts. You can also save your file formats as PDF, JPEG and PNG file formats.

You can also choose from a range of common PowerPoint themes, including Office, Forex, Sports, Weather, Electronics and Architecture. Themes are generally used to give an attractive look to the presentation thereby highlighting the main points of the report or content type. You can select default themes or customize your own using the different toolbars available within the Excel Workflow.

A typical presentation usually contains many different elements like text, images, links, headings, and buttons. To make each element of your presentation unique and distinguishable, it is vital to use bullets and numbering in your template. It is easy to confuse people when they see a large number of elements on the slide. However, when you use bullets and numbering, it helps people to identify each element easily and quickly. Numbers can be used for numbers or other content.

A timeline template can be a very effective tool to create custom charts and images. You can include your image or graphic in your PowerPoint presentation and have them appear at specific time intervals in the vertical format. This makes it easier for people to understand the information. The same concept can be applied in Excel to create a chart of the recent stock price.

You can apply these visualizations in many situations where there is a need to present data in a more visually appealing and engaging manner. Visualizations that are created in Excel are more likely to be accepted by other people and become a part of their daily activities. These templates in Excel can also be useful in projects and team building exercises. They are a perfect solution if you are looking to visually represent your project management ideas or results.

When you are trying to persuade people through power points or talking to executives, a visual representation can often make the difference between success and failure. With this tool, you can show details about the day’s tasks, goals, and achievements as they happened in the last seven hours. You can also show graphs of the past week’s performance. You can even create a chart that shows the progress over the last seven days. These vertical timeline template in PowerPoint can allow you to do all this and much more.

You can preview the visualizations that you want to use in PowerPoint. By selecting “View” > ” Preview” in the toolbar, you can see a preview of your presentation. Using this tool, you can make sure that the final version is what you want before you make it live. This is particularly useful for project timeline template or marketing plans that need to be shown visually over a period of time. When you change the time range, it can be difficult to make any further changes.

In addition to being able to preview the visualizations, you can also see them in different sizes. The number of minutes, seconds, and minutes per second can be adjusted as well. This allows you to adjust how large or small you want the final visual to be. Because there are so many options available, you can easily customize templates to meet your specific needs.

Timeline Template in PowerPoint

You can also share your own timeline template in PowerPoint. If you have an online version of a timeline, you can import it into PowerPoint and make a personalized presentation.

Timeline Template in Word


Timeline Template in Excel



You can use a simple bar or filled chart to show details from two hours ago, a single day, or a week or month. You can even share your PowerPoint timeline with customers so that they can see how their own business has progressed over time.